Reviews for Rampage ( 2018 ) 1080p

On the rampage

By: TheLittleSongbird
Dwayne Johnson may not be the greatest of actors but he is a very likeable and charismatic guy. The advertising and concept of 'Rampage' gave the sense that there was potential for a turn-brain-off-at-the-door fun film, and the kind of film 'Rampage' was a type that has been enjoyed on a number of occasions by me regardless of its mixed to negative critical reception.

For the record, while often being on the same page as critics and general consensus (a minority opinion here, critics these days seem to always treated with condescending scorn by many), that doesn't mean that there have not been times where my opinion has gone against the grain while understanding where they are coming from either in their appraisals or their criticisms. Judging it with an open mind and with a want to like it, unfortunately do have to agree with the general consensus here.

'Rampage' is not a complete mess. Johnson is as likeable and charismatic as ever and George is a spectacularly designed creation that has both menace and soul. The chemistry and relationship between the two is where 'Rampage' in terms of characterisation and interaction is most successful.

The film is well made and the barnstorming and exciting action sequences are as impressive as the special effects. Jeffrey Dean Morgan has fun in his shadowy role.

However, the rest of the cast don't work. Naomie Harris is a blank in a just there sort of role with nothing to it. Coming off worst are Malin Akerman and Jake Lacy, portraying their clichéd cartoonish roles with more ham than a gammon dinner, Lacy in particular. Everybody else is lost amidst the rest of the film, in a film over reliant on explosions and destructions that heart, fun and brains are sacrificed.

Johnson and George's characters and interaction aside, the characters are shallow clichés that one has seen before so many times and sadly none of them are interesting. The villains have no menace or intrigue and more like obnoxious cartoons. The story is lacking outside of the action, the excitement goes and becomes dull, silly and predictable, with an ending that is both overblown and ridiculous. The worst asset is the script, which consists of absolutely atrocious dialogue and an overload of exposition that adds little and written clunkily.

Overall, has moments but messy. 4/10 Bethany Cox

There's nothing to expect much, so it won't disappoint.

By: Kmb_the_Nepali_reviewer
As expected. This movie was a video game adaptation, and at this point of time, what else can you expect from a video game adaptation? It was simply a potboiler. This is just some goofy movie that isn't entirely goofy. You are just given some exposition to some sci fi mumbo jumbo stuff, rather than showing them. And since we got some more buildings destroyed and rest of the stale stuff, I believe those sci fi mumbo jumbos would've been much better. The villains are your typecast villain wanting money and power. Right after you get introduced to the villains, you know The Rock is gonna finish them. You know what their fate's gonna be in the end. I am not complaining about the villain here, I am just stating what they obviously are. There ain't gonna be no back story or motive of the villains rather than what I have just said, so why think about it? The actual thing to complain about is the villains' performances. Malin Akerman is just there, plain and dimensionless. Jake Lacy is plain, dimensionless and awfully hilariously terrible. One of the worst performances I have seen in 2018. There are some clichéd back story for The Rock and Mr. Gorilla, and Naomi Harris. Nothing that elevates the "destructive" movie we are watching, but thank GOD there is at least some writing rather than the entire script saying "giant animals, destruction of the city, Rock invincible" in a never ending loop. Many moments that we come across the movie were something that we would've expected from the beginning. We all know The Rock is gonna do some "cowboy stuff" if the time and scene seems right. I don't if it's only me, but it seems as if Dwayne Johnson is playing an over exaggerated version of his professional wrestling character of The Rock in every movie he appears in, as of late. We have seen him as an invincible guy, but holy hell! He survives literally everything in this movie. The actions in this movie feels like a pointless CGIed fest. There isn't any storytelling within the actions, neither they are well choreographed. And since the majority of the movie is all about the city's destruction and Rock surviving everything, this summarizes most of what I have to say regarding the movie. Strangely, there are some merits of this film. The Rock and Gorilla has some father-son sort of a dynamic between them which plays out a lot better than every other element of the movie. All thanks are due to The Rock and his charismatic presence. He is obviously THE reason why this movie delivers even to a tiny extent. He is the best thing about this movie, and even if I am not so satisfied with his choice of recent movies, he has done best in his part. And, the movie silently acknowledges that it's goofy and just a mere potboiler. It doesn't try to take itself too seriously or to have some serious drama, which would've made this forgettable movie a terrible piece of shit. To describe this movie in a nutshell, it's Die Hard on a city with The Rock and a white Hulk in the form of a Gorilla fighting the "earthed" version of Hela's wolf and the horrible magnification and bastardization of the croaking fish from The Shape of Water ft. The Avengers ft. Avengers: Age of Ultron ft. Man of Steel ft. San Andreas ft. 2012 ft. A typical Michael Bay movie ft. Pacific Rim ft. Power Rangers ft. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle ft. The typical cowboying ft. Clichés ft. the modified green juice from Logan ft. .......... (fill in the blanks). On the whole it gets a "D+" and a "4.5/10".

Brainless Entertainment

By: Claudio Carvalho
"Rampage" is one of those brainless entertainments full of clichés, plot holes and corny and terrible storyline. But if you have nothing to do and wants to spend your leisure time having fun and eating popcorns, "Rampage" is recommended. The viewer will see the hot Malin Akerman, will recall Negan and will laugh with a white King Kong replica destroying a monster not affected by four missiles on its head with a steel bar through its eye. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Rampage: Destrui??o Total" ("Rampage: Total Destruction")

The Real Monsters are these Multi-Million Dollar B-Movies

By: siriusly1986
Great cast but its another mindless, heartless giant monster flick destroying the city and trampling everyone. I wonder why the latest Godzilla movie got a bad rap but glorified B-movies like this and Kong Skull Island gets applauded. The monsters are obvious cgi hiding behind dense action sequences, the evil corporate guys are stereotypes from other monster, sci-fi movies we have seen a thousand times before and the military OF COURSE are worthless fodder. Tiny humvees closing in on very fast gigantic animals firing their machineguns knowing previously how that worked out, Apache helicopters firing at close range at a giant wolf's face with his worthless cannon instead of using guided rockets from a distance, and soldiers go out of their way to be squished like bugs (ala Kong Skull Island style). Its that kind of thing you would see a child playing in his sandbox and destroying his toys. I would have understood if it was a child that made this movie.


By: jackgdemoss
A movie about an old arcade game starring the Rock? Count me in. I went in with my brain shut off, and got a couple chuckles and, for the most part, everything I expected.

Kills brain cells

By: pesic-1
I actually felt my brain cells dying as I watched this horribly written piece of garbage. I left about an hour into the film, unable to continue watching. It was atrocious in every way. First of all, the idea of giant beasts fighting is something we have seen so many times, it's really dull a this point. Add to that a virtually non-existing plot, insufferable characters and dialogue, and derivative action scenes that make no attempt to go beyond any of the established cliches, and you get the idea what kind film this is. But the film exhibits a further problem: it is stupid. Utterly stupid. Nothing in it makes any sense at all. Characters act in inexplicably dumb ways, and things that make no sense happen over and over again. I felt I was watching a film written by mentally challenged people. Avoid this film like the plague. It's not even one of those dumb but entertaining action films. It is just dumb and poorly made in virtually every respect. It will cause mental pain to watch it.

Gloriously Terrible

By: facebook-923-997082
Every single cliche of an action/horror/adventure flick rolled up into one. The charisma of the two big guys (Dwayne and George) carry the entire movie. This movie is not going to change your life, but it will keep you mildly amused.

Lame, Cliche and Predictable

By: Blitz_Kid
Your typical giant monster destroys the world movie.

The movie is filled with cliches, the characters are very poorly developed. I didn't care about a single one of them.

The Plot is also pretty lousy and extremely predictable, especially the ending.

One good thing I would say about this movie, is it is filled with lots of action and good effects.

Other than that? It fails at everything else.

Goofy, but nonetheless "true" - The Rock brings authenticity for loopy great excitement and fun!

By: bopdog
Dwayne "The Rock"Johnson keeps getting better and better. This movie could have been camp - with the actors and hipster director/production team incessantly winking at the camera. Not so! Yes, it is a silly plot, and totally unbelievable - yet we are not asked to believe it - we are asked to trust Dwayne and the rest to take us to a place of genuine entertainment. And it WAS genuinely entertaining.

That is enough to ask of any movie. We were NOT talked-down-to, or otherwise patronized with, as I said above, hipster conceit. To paraphrase the great Greta Gerwig - none of this could have happened, of course, but it is all "true."

Go see it with an open mind and a desire for loopy, goofy, exciting fun. You will not be disappointed.

Don't waste your money

By: royestes
This is pure junk. No Plot...Horrible acting....Totally unbelievable...Attempts at humor are sometimes just disgusting. ... A pure waste of time and money...........There are plenty of other good movies out there that are more suitable for the younger generation than this foul mouthed piece of garbage....

Excellent, but do NOT watch the trailer!

By: Stig-12345
A lot better than expected. And on IMAX 3D this was a winner.


I hate trailers, and tried to watch the trailer after I watched the movie.. well, it shows EVERYTHING! If you want to see the movie without knowing what's going to happen, do NOT see the trailer.

I'm not sure why the trailers are so long and so revealing.They ruin everything for me. And in cinemas I have to watch a whole bunch of them!

It Rocks !!!!

By: mhnabil-93297
Well, I am so glad I decided to see this film. The last hour was so epic, I literally was scared of the crocodile. So intense. You actually feel the bond between the two stars. It's a must see !!

Cool movie

By: buttamae
I really loved this movie. I will watch it again. Funny sad seriously cool. Loved the plot.

Messing up good movies.

By: twinhot2000
I went on a outing with my family and Army friends to watch this junk. I don't really comment on movies but I enjoyed this video game when i was younger. They paying the Rock all this money as if he is the best actor out there.. This was cast wrong and should have a reboot ASAP. But this our opinion, and we just don't enjoy his acting in movies. The term "over rated" comes to mind when I see him as been the star in any movie. Go back to wrestling. Every one is not made to star in movies are being the lead star. I enjoyed him wrestling then messing up movies.

Corny but I loved it

By: Figgy66-915-598470
16 April 2018Second fIlm of Choice at The Plaza Dorchester Tonight - Rampage. When man interferes with nature, it always goes wrong, you think people would learn but why do they have to when Dwayne Johnson is there to save the day!!! Inspired by a video game I'm not familiar with, Rampage is as corny as they come, yet with monsters as gargantuan to the species as Dwayne Johnson is to his, this film somehow works. A science experiment, in the eyes of many, has gone wrong, but in the greedy money grabbing eyes of the people who are in control of the scientists, everything is right on track to make their fortune. Throw the military into the mix and you have a typical Hollywood all action disaster film. Once again Chicago bears the brunt, and it's such visual feast of varying shaped buildings, interspersed with bridges, waterways, a raised railway transit system and a huge lake next to it, it must be a movie makers delight to base it as the battlefield of all manner of horror/disaster/saving humanity stories, and I for one love seeing it used as a set for such film genres. This film will not win any best actor awards, but the special effects guys should get a look in. Moments of humour intersect all the dramatic action and it makes for a very enjoyable film.

Mindless action filled fun entertainment film.

By: Takethispunch
Global icon Dwayne Johnson headlines the action adventure "Rampage," directed by Brad Peyton. Johnson stars as primatologist Davis Okoye, a man who keeps people at a distance but shares an unshakable bond with George, the extraordinarily intelligent, incredibly rare albino silverback gorilla who has been in his care since he rescued the young orphan from poachers. But a rogue genetic experiment gone awry mutates this gentle ape into a raging creature of enormous size.

Absolute Snoozefest!

By: danbonet80
Coming from someone who wants to show The Rock support in all that he does,this movie is just pure boring.Even going in with the idea that it really won't be good,and accepting it as pure popcorn fun and entertainment,it's an absolute snoozefest.There's nothing memorable,no holy sh*t that was cool moment,zilch.Negan is in full Negan character his whole time here as well.The movie is boring to the point where I had no issue with walking out if the others with me agreed to as well (only after it ended did I know that walking out was on the table for all of us).Side note,how is it that they give DJ the same 1 shirt to wear in every movie? The 1 white tshirt that's bloody,turned grey and has random holes has made it through The Rundown,Walking Tall,San Andreas,Jumanji,now this,and with an upcoming appearance in Skyscraper

The most realistic and entertaining fiction movie

By: angelicallyme88
I wasnt expecting any comedy side of the film at the beginning, yet it turned out to be the most funny yet sweet movie that I have ever watched in 2018 (well at least to date), also not to mention that Johnson's acting skills and character really fit the role of Davis. Much love for the movie and look forward to watching any sequels.

This is exactly what you think it is... And that's great!

By: Scottizzle
It's a Rampage movie, I'm not sure what else people are expecting walking into this movie. It's fun, filled with action and very little on working on guy/girl romance which I always thought deviated from the plot anyhow. It's full of action, adventure and very slight amount of problem solving and that's all you need from a movie like this.

Best video game movie to date.

By: donkeykong-66104
Not going to win any oscars but what do you expect from this type of movie? It was all fun and I enjoyed it for what it was. I guess some people who didn't grow up in the gaming world and know or loved the rampage games might not "get it" but it was great fun.